So Long, White Coke Cans

Change isn’t always such a good thing, a truth that Coca-Cola is finding out the hard way.

Last month, I blogged about Coke’s decision to temporarily change their red cans to white in order to raise awareness for climate change and the preservation of polar bears in the Arctic.

After receiving thousands of consumer complaints, the company has switched back to their classic red cans.

Apparently many customers confused the new white Coke cans for Diet Coke (an understandable mistake to make), and others complained that the “white Coke” tasted different (I think there’s a good psychology experiment in there somewhere).

So I guess the polar bears will just have to save themselves. In the long run, Coca-Cola is all about making money, and they’ll do whatever it takes to keep up their profits.


One thought on “So Long, White Coke Cans

  1. I remember a psychological experiment done in high school where a student made vanilla cookies. Some were white, some where pink, and some were green. The students claimed that the pink ones were strawberry and the green ones were watermelon. So strange!

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