A brief history of penguin books ad campaigns (part 5)

Some people have mentioned that this series can no longer be classified as “brief” now that we’re running on Part 5, so again, my sincerest apologies if you find this boring. But too bad, because I’m going to keep doing it.

Once again, Penguin takes us on a trip around the world with this series of advertisements, this time in Tokyo, Paris and London.

On other advertising blogs, I’ve read comments criticizing these ads for their lack of copy, saying they don’t “communicate” anything. While I can see their point, I have to disagree completely. It is the lack of copy that makes these ads so absorbing.

The people shown in each ad are so lost in their books that they’ve created their own worlds within a world (sorry to go all Inception on you).

The ultimate question is: would these cause you to buy a book?



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