Why the French Are Better

In case you needed another reason to believe in the complete and total dumbing down of America, there’s more proof.

In a predictable move, Sony Pictures Classics has forgone the original French poster for its new film Carnage, opting instead for one of the most boring posters you’ll ever see.

The French poster isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but boy is it fun. Those colors, those faces . . . who knew Kate Winslet could look so unattractive?

So why did the studio make the switch? Are they afraid Americans might actually see a creative poster and think to themselves, Well I guess I will not be seeing THAT movie!

More specifically, I don’t get the gray sidebars on the English poster. And is it just me or is that picture really weird? Like, what is going on in this picture and what does it tell me about the film? NOTHING.

In the French version, we get that there are four main characters who appear nice at first but will probably lose their minds by the end of the film. And since it’s a comedy, it will probably be funny. Sign me up!

The English version tells me that the film will feature four Academy Award-winning and nominated actors standing around talking in at least one scene, and a mirror and two glass vases will be featured in the background. Oh, and it’s a new comedy of no manners. WELL THEN SHOW US THAT! All I see in the poster is manners, manners, manners. Everyone looks so nice and polite. Borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring.

Let’s mix things up and have some fun, shall we?

See the trailer for the film here, and then decide for yourself which poster better fits the film’s mood.


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