Shake Your Head

One of the great things about spending part of my summer in London was taking the tube into downtown London everyday. I mentioned before how much I love the London Underground, and part my love for it stems from all the ads that inundate you from all sides.

The friend I travelled with always commented on how every poster for a movie or show playing at the West End tried to cram as many 5-star reviews onto the poster as possible. I think it was a little bit of a stretch when I saw a poster for Transformers 3 overloaded with 5-star reviews. Once you got closer, you could see that the reviews were from no-name critics, of course, but still. The British population must be more obsessed with what the critics think than us populist Americans.

I’m so glad I was able to find a picture of my favorite ad that I saw whilst sitting around and waiting for the next tube. It comes from Volkswagen, and it utilizes white space surprisingly well.

Many clients might be nervous at the sight of all that white space, but I bet Volkswagen was quite pleased with the end result. Check it out:

If you’re having a hard time reading it, here’s the copy:

A                  Golf
is                  up
to                 10%
cheaper        to
run                over
3                   years
than              the
competition.  It’s
true,              no
need             to
shake            your

And of course when you get done reading it you feel like an idiot because you realize your head has in fact been shaking back and forth for the past minute.


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