Sick. Sicker. Sickest. Dead.

I’m sick right now. Like you care. Basically I’m telling you that because this is going to be short and non-earth shattering (because all my other posts are, duh).

It seems like I’m perpetually blowing my nose. If you must know (and I know you all must), my tissue of choice is Puffs. Those cartoon people blowing their hearts and noses out make me smile. (Side note: Have you tried the Puffs plus lotion with Vick’s? That is one tissue that will seriously make you high. One blow and it feels like you’ve just snorted 10 oz. of crack. But the intense pain it provokes somehow takes away your cold a lot quicker, or so I’ve experienced.)

So even though I’m a Puffs guy, I have to give a shout-out to the good folks at Kleenex for today’s ad.

Can I have all my Kleenex’s monogrammed, please? That would just be so great.

Good work, Kleenex. If you keep up the work, you might even sway my loyalty away from those cute Puffs ads with the British guy narrating them. Maybe.


One thought on “Sick. Sicker. Sickest. Dead.

  1. My sister looks like the cute little Puffs girl. haha! It’s adorable!

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