A Brief History of Penguin Books Ad Campaigns (Part 2)

As you’ll recall, last week I started a series looking back at various ad campaigns for Penguin Books. (You can find Part 1 here.)

Today, it’s time for Part 2 as we look to see how the book publisher tries to lure in readers despite facing competition from the likes of Kindles and iPads.

In this campaign, Penguin encourages readers to “Travel with words.”

The design is clean and simple, as is the copy. It’s a great tagline, too (though that comma dividing the two phrases is bothering me . . . the grammar nerd within me is screaming for a period instead, but I digress).

I miss seeing people carrying books when I travel. Yes, it is more convenient to bring your Kindle, but nothing will ever replace that feeling of holding a paperback with the musty smell of the pages wafting up to your nose with each page turn.


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