Occupy Everything

As if Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Boston weren’t enough, it looks like the mad men and women of Madison Avenue will be doing some occupying of their own in a few weeks.

Occupy this, occupy that

You’d think their flyers would at least be slightly better designed. But perhaps their protest signs will fare better(?) Though I must say as a writer who has been edited rather unnecessarily one too many times, I totally agree with that last “abuse.”

It might be kind of fun to march with a group of copywriters and designers. Think of all the good slogans/chants they’d come up with!

Thanks to George Tannenbaum (are you thinking what I’m thinking?)  at Ad Aged for the heads up.


2 thoughts on “Occupy Everything

  1. Lisa Brown says:

    Haha! You would think they’d be designed better! Very interesting ad for sure!

  2. mcole170 says:

    *Stupid Copy Changes* — I’ll be laughing on the inside about that one, for awhile.

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