Paris, Je T’aime . . . Minus the Metro

When I was in Paris this summer, one of my biggest complaints about the city was its transportation system. Yes, the city is as beautiful and romantic as it appears in films like Charade and Midnight in Paris. But the ugly, dirty side of the city can easily be found on any one of the metros throughout the city.

Now lest you think that every city has a disgusting public transportation system, think again. I also spent some time in London this summer, and the metro stations there were so clean you could practically eat off the floor.

Public transport officials in the City of Light have also noticed the unfortunate situation on their hands and have started an ad campaign to correct the problem.

The series of ads, which will be displayed in metro stations throughout Paris, show Parisians acting like animals (which some of them truly are, trust me. . . . Seriously, I think that sloth was on one of my trains).

Obviously, these ads have been translated into English to facilitate the reading for us stupid Americans. But hopefully the Parisians will get the message.

Also, if they could throw in a few ads reprimanding Parisians for not practicing personal hygiene, I would greatly appreciate it. There’s nothing worse than being packed into a tiny train car with 100 sloths during rush hour. Because it’s in times like those that you find out who actually bathed that morning.

Or, rather, who didn’t.


5 thoughts on “Paris, Je T’aime . . . Minus the Metro

  1. This is such a cute and clever campaign!

  2. Lisa Brown says:

    Hilarious! I’ve been on metros before in the US and I thought they were pretty bad. I can’t imagine them getting worse! Gross!

  3. Tim says:

    Love these. So well done.

  4. Taylor Anderson says:

    OK, the images are funny, but the rhymes are terrible. I’m disturbed, but I suppose I can let it go since it’s not for an English-speaking country.

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